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“Something is Very Wrong When Our Children Are at Risk in School”

Maybe ignorance is bliss. 

Maybe I need to un-subscribe to all of the autism newsletters I receive, because this is what I got in my inbox this morning.    

I am still physically nauseous from what I read this morning and quite out of sorts. 

After I was finished reading through the article, a bell went off in my head that I should try again to contact the supervisor for the Primetime (afterschool) Program at the school Diego will be attending next year.  I have left this woman 3 messages over the past month with no return call.  I had been trying to contact her regarding free inclusion training that a program called K.I.T provides to various pre-schools and after school programs.  The site supervisor at the school was very excited to hear about it and said that she would love the training for her and her staff, but that ultimately it was up to her supervisor.  The deadline to apply for this is January 15th,2010.

This morning said supervisor finally picked up her phone, I went over why I contacted her and she was extremely defensive and downright rude.

I was and am  floored. 

Being extremely cautious about my tone and wording, I asked her if her staff had received any inclusion training and she stated that they had, just not in two years. 

The staff at the Primetime Program is a year new. 

Lyric has been in the program since the first grade. 

I know better. 

So, no, the current staff had not received any inclusion  training. 

Then she said that what I was recommending would not just benefit my son but other kids (no shit, really?!?!)


I told her that I was calling since my son would be attending next year, and I am well aware that inclusion training would benefit ANY child with special needs.  Then she decided to remind me that enrollment is on a first come first served basis. 


What does this have to do with our current conversation?!?!

*breathe Shivon* 

I told her that I was well aware of that and asked if open enrollment was in March of 2010, which she confirmed.  I asked her if she was open to me emailing her the information  and she said yes, but that she couldn’t promise anything.  She also told me that they were receiving inclusion training for ADHD in January, which I think is fantastic and told her so.  I asked her if any ASD training was in the future and she replied no, not currently.  I did ask for her supervisors contact info, thanked her for her help and got off of the phone. 

Why was she so nasty with a  recommendation of something that would enhance her program, equip her staff with the tools needed to help a child with special needs, and that is FREE??? 

Why the hell was she so incredibly rude to me??  I was extra super-duper polite throughout that entire  horrible conversation!!

So I called my sister who works with Primetime but under a different vendor, and I was a crying mess (I get mad and cry…I hate it). 

She is so amazing :). 

She told me to get on the phone with that woman’s supervisor, and get the actual school principal involved.  I had no clue that a school is able to change Primetime vendors if they feel like they aren’t providing the services needed.  I have left a message for the woman’s supervisor to call me back and will follow-up with the school once Diego is officially enrolled.  I hope her supervisor is more professional and compassionate that she was. 

Things like the article mentioned above happen in part because schools are not given the tools and knowledge needed to help our kids.  I don’t want this to happen to my child or anybody else’s.  

Rickey says that I can’t get this upset every time I am faced with somebody in the school system like this.  He feels like I should be used to it by now.   Is this something anybody gets used to?!?!  I am trusting these people with MY CHILD!!

I reminded him that when dealing with officials that I am  not an angry, crying mess. 

It’s just afterward in the company of friends and family. 

I also know that I am not the only one going through this. 

Please keep me and my family in your thoughts and prayers as well as everyone that faces this uphill battle.  All that we are trying to do is ensure the best for our children.


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  1. Yep. Sometimes I wonder if it’s best not to know about all the thing in articles like Wrightslaw. I hope all goes well with your phone calls and meetings in the days and weeks to come.

  2. breathe Shivon

    Sometimes when we are new to a situation, all the things we read, hear or maybe fear become these huge mountains to climb and the things that keep us up at night.

    So far, your son hasn’t experienced the extremes that you read about, so be grateful.

    However…the fight you are in while talking to and hoping to educate your child’s teachers and aides is one that all of us with ASD kids are going to encounter.

    I know your fears and feelings. I’ve been avoiding Colin’s teachers and counselors this week…I just want to get through Xmas. I’m asking for IEP, therapies and other things, but don’t have the strength to fight this week.

    It’s okay to take a breath…relax…kiss your child…do what you know is going to help him tonite, this minute.

    That’s all you can do. You can do THIS MINUTE. The rest, you have to let yourself think through that before doing.


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