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Anybody know where I can buy some patience??

I met with the new play therapist yesterday.  She treats a couple of other kids with Asperger’s around Diego’s age, she seems to be open to suggestions and aware of  the challenges that children on the spectrum face. I think that I was so concerned with how she was qualified that I may have come off a bit bitchy. I caught myself and apologized, but I woke up today feeling bad.  To tell the truth I was overwhelmed.  I made a list of all of Diego’s challenges to go over with her and while recviewing it I just wanted to cry.  Diego and I live with his challenges everyday, but it is different seeing them all at once on paper.   Then we got home last night and Diego was on a good one the entire night.  By the end of the night my patience was tapped and I raised my voice at him.  I hate it when I raise my voice at him, but I just needed a minute, his whining and yelling had been relentless.  He was just as unhappy about me raising my voice as I was and threw a very loud fit.  I’m sure my neighbors think I beat my child. 


Once we both calmed down I went into his room, hugged him for a while, and apologized for raising my voice.   He let me hug him for longer than usual, so that was nice. 

I felt so bad, I know he can’t help it 😦 .

It’s been a rough couple of weeks at work, at home, the holidays, etc and I am spread thin.

It is no excuse but it is the reason.

Now I’m whining….blah

Let me try to focus on something positive.  The therapist seemed very surprised at my answer when she asked about Diego and Lyric’s relationship. 

Diego thinks Lyric is the sun, the moon, and stars. 

That is his big brother, I am always in awe of their strong bond. Sure they bicker on the rare occasion, but Lyric has such a big heart and understands that sometimes we need a special kind patience with Diego.  I also give Lyric one on one time with me and his space  away from Diego.  I think that this helps.

This was the answer I gave her. 

Her surprise made me happy. 

To  have a wonderful son who is wise beyond his 10 years and willing to take his little brother under his wing  is a blessing.



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  1. I know Jonathan’s siblings are amazing. All of them have a great relationship.

    I don’t think you can buy patience, I think it is earned…the very hard way.

    And don’t pray for it! I found that the Lord answers by giving you lots of opportunities to have your patience’s tried. 😉

  2. I love, love, love thiis picture. and reading all about your journey. you are AH-MAZING my dear! xoxoxox


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