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“My Brain Wants To Go Home”

Diego refers to his body parts as if they are separate from him.  Like when he is kicking my seat in the car I tell him to stop and then he repeats the command to his feet “stop it feet”, when he is hungry he says “my tummy is hungry’ etc…One Saturday a few months ago we had a super busy day, Lyric had a soccer game, D’s school had a carnival, and there was a street fair in our area.  I was already pretty concerned at how Diego was going to do with all of the stimulation and even suggested to him that we skip his school carnival, but he wasn’t having that so we went on with the day.  Lyric’s soccer game went well, Diego got to run around and really enjoyed watching his brother play.  The school carnival was quite possibly the most crowded, loud, chaotic ordeal I had ever been to.  I was overwhelmed, so I could only imagine how Diego felt.  I asked Rickey if we should leave and he thought Diego was doing alright so we stayed.  I also think that  if I tried to rip Diego away from the cotton candy and shaved ice he may have passed out.  I know he shouldn’t have that much sugar, umm but you try telling a four-year old he can’t have what everyone else is having all around him.  *sigh*  We only hung out for a little bit and then we headed home.  Diego was on a major sugar high and I was hoping that once we got home the routine would help him a bit. 

It didn’t. 

The street fair is a block away from our house and there is no ignoring the music, food and people.  Lyric and Diego begged me for an hour and a half to take them and finally I caved.   We got about 1 1/2 blocks in and Diego just stopped. There was a girl doing this cool hula hoop thing and he just plopped his bum down on hte sidewalk and watched for a few minutes, mesmerized.  I was a little concerned because that was out of character for Diego, so I sat next to him on the sidewalk and asked him if he was alright and my little boy looked at me and said “mommy, my brain wants to go home”.  I gave Rickey the look, picked up my baby and practically ran home. 

You could just see it in his eyes that he couldn’t take it all anymore. 

Poor Lyric was pretty disappointed, but my sister came and took him and his friends later that day.  That night was the night I sat down with Lyric and explained everything that was going on with Diego.  We had just gotten his diagnosis and I wasn’t sure how to explain it all to my 10-year-old.  After I explained it all to Lyric, I asked him how he felt about it.  He said he was mad and very sad that something was “wrong” with his little brother.  We sat and talked about our feelings a bit more and I did my best to remind him that Diego is the same little brother that he has always been.  Lyric has such a big heart and you could read the pain on his face.  It killed me that I couldn’t take that pain away and that I knew all too well how Lyric felt.  I told Lyric that I was always there if he wanted to talk about it and also gave him some ideas on stuff he could do with his brother to help.  I feel very blessed that my boys have such a close relationship and having Lyric on our team to help Diego is just fantastic.

 ***Disclaimer*** I am the typo queen.  No matter how many times I read over my blog entries I always miss something.  So please forgive me 🙂


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  1. Have you looked for and found some great books for siblings explaining Asperger’s and autism? I think my favorite is All Cats Have Aspergers. But this is only funny if you have a cat. I’ve used some of these books to explain my son to his friends and neighborhood kids.

    I love how “my brain wants to go home.”


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