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The Holidays


Woohoo!!  We finally got the tree decorated a couple of days ago (the pic is above)  Rickey and I went and got the tree Sunday night but the rain that came through San Diego earlier in the week periodically took the power out and besides Diego being a mess about the lights going out, it seemed silly to decorate when the lights could not be on continuously for Diego to enjoy. 

So the tree is done and windows are decorated.  Diego was quite the little coordinator on Wednesday night.  Unfortunately his fine motor issues made it a bit difficult for him to hang some of the ornaments on the tree.  He was getting horribly frustrated even with my help,  so I made him the “decoration boss”.  Diego the “decoration boss” picked out the ornaments and told me where to hang them,  needless to say he was in heaven.  After the tree we built a Christmas Village on one of the shelves in his room complete with lights, he loves it :).  After that I was on my own for the window and I’m on my own for the house.    

Things around the house have been a bit challenging.  I think that the holidays are throwing everyone out of whack and Diego’s Sensory Issues are on a whole other level!!  Numerous sensory issues mean tantrums galore, and yelling at me about any and everything.  On really bad days I have to take a minute, look at him and tell him I love him.  This is more for myself than for him.  I am reading “Parenting Your Asperger Child” by Cathy Grayson and Alan Sohn and it suggests that parents do this when things get really rough.  The book is really great so far and I am looking forward to reading through it and getting some ideas.  Meanwhile this weekend I  am going to map out a sensory diet for Diego, I have been doing  sensory diet activities sporadically when we are home, but I think giving him structured sensory input every hour on the hour for about 15 minutes will help with his behavior.  I hope so *sigh*

Otherwise we have been getting ready for the holidays, I am so thankful for the internet.  I couldn’t imagine having to get all of this shopping done in the malls!! Diego HATES shopping and Lyric is not the biggest fan  Boys will be boys :).

My sister sent me this link to a light display here in San Diego that is put together every year by a family that has two boys on the autism spectrum.  Their website is fantastic and I will be taking the boys to see the display next week!!


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