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Ponies are for Girls!!

Katie* is the only girl in Diego’s social skills group.  She is quite the popular young lady surrounded by 10 little boys, 3 of which have a particular penchant for girls in general (Diego included).  In fact one of the moms threatens “to tell Katie” about her son’s behavior to get him to act right and it works!

Brilliant! LOL

When we first started the social skills group, Diego would sit next to Katie (bowling over anyone that got in the way), picked Katie as his friend when the activity called for it, put his feet all on her lap whenever he could get away with it, and we won’t even go into how he would sneak in the ear grabs he is all too famous for!!  Katie indulged it for a bit but was soon over it.  After a few sessions, Katie was moved to the other group for balance (she is one of the neuro-typical peers) and so when the kids are separated she is no longer there for Diego to obsess over.  As a result of this Diego has pretty much forgotten about cutie pie Katie.  But  the kids are all brought together for their sharing group.

Rickey takes Diego to his social skills group on Thursdays and when I got home last night I asked Rickey how it went.  Rickey told me that Diego had some issues with sharing and getting angry.  So later on I asked Diego about sharing.  His response??

“Katie brought ponies”


So I asked him again….

“Diego did you have some trouble sharing blocks with your friend today??”

“Katie brought ponies”

At this point, I got it,  he was referring to it being Katie’s share day.

“Oh ok Diego. Katie brought ponies today to share with you guys??”

“She brought 2, they were pink.”

Diego isn’t looking at me and his tone is flat and completely uninterested, but I think I detect a hint of disgust on the word “pink”.

“Ponies are for girls”

“Boys can play with ponies too D”

“No ponies are for girls and she brought a brush.”

“Oh she brought a brush to fix the ponies’ hair?? Did you brush the ponies’ hair when she passed them around??”

“I told you! ponies are for girls!”

He was getting frustrated, we often have this boys toys vs girl toys talk and he doesn’t budge not matter how hard I try. 

Awwww sweet rigidity

“So you didn’t like share day today??”

At this point he was way over the conversation and didn’t answer me.  

I remember one time watching him play with a baby doll at school and being so excited that he was playing with a “girl toy”

 She crashed into everything. 

All of his toys crash into something.

What did I expect?!?

Did I expect that he was gonna feed and rock the baby doll?!? 


I know a bit better than that.

*name change for privacy*


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  1. sort of like the Polly-Pockets in our house that turn into obstacles for Thomas to run over?


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