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The School District *sigh*

California has no money and the budget cuts are hitting services for our children hard.  The school district, having no money are cutting what seems like everything but the bare necessities for all students.  I keep telling myself  that this is why the people I have encountered/heard stories of in the San Diego School District act absolutely horrid.  

When we got Diego’s private speech evaluation results we were referred to the speech therapist in our district.  About 15 minutes into our meeting, the speech therapist proceeded to tell me that “nothing is wrong” with my son. 


For real??

Did I miss the M.D or Ph.D after your name??

Hold on let me see your card again??


I wanted to scream, but I didn’t.  I showed her the Neurologist’s evaluation (an internationally known Neurologist in child development ) and explained that while I understand Diego is very high functioning that he is clearly not neuro typical.  She then decided to give me the ” some moms are hyper-vigilant” speech.  She cited her experience and said again that she felt that nothing was wrong with Diego, but that she would put him in her speech group and observe.  When I inquired about a full assessment she told me he didn’t need one, “he is fine”.   I remained calm, if dealing with people regarding Diego’s Aspergers has taught me anything, it is to REMAIN CALM but be stern.  So I looked at the speech therapist and told her that I would contact the district for a full assessment myself and that regardless of her experience I am inclined to trust my motherly instinct, and the EXPERTS that have spent time with my son.  I got “the look” again and I reminded her that I have a perfectly typical 10-year-old that I have raised that is well-adjusted and a straight  A student. 

Translation “I am not crazy”

Diego has gone to a few groups and she has reported that he does fine and that she still thinks his diagnosis is wrong.  Must she end all of our conversations like this?!?!

I am happy to hear he is doing well. 

What mother wouldn’t be?? 

But a lot of his issues happen at home and let’s be honest, the social demands of a 45 min speech group aren’t too intense.  After a couple of interactions I have refused to speak with her anymore for fear that I may let her have it .  Rickey now handles that communication since he takes him to that group and all has been better as far as my temper goes.

Fantastic 🙂

I have mentioned it before but I am blessed with a fantastic charter  school that operates independently from the district, but still must adhere to IDEA .  They have always done right by my oldest son, Lyric, and I have faith that they will do right by Diego when he starts Kindergarten next year.  

Anyhow with the Thanksgiving holiday a few of the speech therapist’s speech groups were cancelled.  Yesterday I received a message from her saying that she was just checking in and asking me to phone her back.  I had a nice relaxing weekend so I trusted myself to call her and keep it together.  She told me that she had spoken with the behaviorist for the district and that the behaviorist wants Diego to get a full evaluation from the district.  She said that the behaviorist was especially concerned with Diego’s sensory issues.  I wanted to channel my inner 13-year-old and say “duh I already told you this” , but I didn’t .  I thanked her and told her Diego would see her Thursday morning.  I am expecting to hear from our special education department after the Christmas holiday for the evaluation.  If I don’t they will be hearing from me. 



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