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It’s a marathon….not a race

The prospect of Diego starting kindergarten scares the sh*t out of me….there i said it.  Why am I worrying about this when kindergarten is still nine months away??

It’s just what I do. 🙂

Diego will have to sit still, stay on task, and make new friends ( the only one he has currently won’t be going to the same elementary school).  I get a panic attack just thinking about it!!   Although I do believe once he starts kindergarten, the naysayers (the school district) about his Asperger’s will finally eat their words. 

I have decided that I will meet with the principal of the elementary school after winter break to discuss Diego’s strengths and challenges.  I will also discuss which teacher may be better suited to handle these things. 

Lyric has been at the this school for five years.  I know the staff, they know me.  Lyric is a model student and I have been very involved with his schooling, so this should be ok. 

The school is also a charter school and their thing is building on a foundation of love.  My sister calls it The Bob Marley School. They brought in private OT and ST because they were displeased with what the district had to offer, and when I spoke with Lyric’s principal (there are 3 different principals  for the school)he seemed extremely sensitive to my concerns.  So I should stop worrying right??  

I won’t. 

While working  with people that take care of Diego I have learned that I must expect the worst and hope for the best.   

In other school news I just found out the Diego’s nasty pre-school teacher is not coming back from her maternity leave.  I tried not to jump for joy on Friday when I found out, but I am sure that she could sense that I wasn’t disappointed like some of the other parents.  My mom and Rickey say my face doesn’t hide much, eh oh well.  I can’t wait for her to have her child and understand what it is like to be a mother.  I truly hope that she finally understands how far a mother will go and how fiercely a mother will fight for her child.  That battle is just about over and I am very grateful.  The other teachers and aides  in Diego’s class are excellent, eager to learn and help. 

The social skills group Diego attends will end in a month,  I am more sad about this than he is.  The bond that the 12 of us parents  have formed while watching our children make strides as well as experience setbacks is one that has saved my sanity on numerous occasions.  This group has helped Diego immensely with his communication skills and we also found our great OT through this group.  I will be sad to see it end.  

I was watching  Diego play the other day and while he has an imagination, I have recently noticed is it very narrow.  Is that the right word to use??  Anyway I have noticed the language he uses is very scripted and everything crashes or beats the other thing up.  Rickey says this is just him being a boy, but I don’t know.  Even when re-directed Diego will go back to crashing and beating things up.  He is actually very resistant to changing the course of his play, trust me  I have tried :).  He has also started yelling at me.  Diego was a moderate tantrum kid for a while, but now he yells and throws things.  Most of the time I can get him out of it, but here lately it is becoming tougher and he is doing it with everybody not just me, this is different.  I am at a loss for what to do, so I am going to try and catch the behavioral therapist for our group tomorrow and get some input.  I hate not knowing what to do!  I mean I really hate it.  I am reading 3 books on Parenting a Child with Asperger’s, Sensory Processing, and a Social Stories book.  Why the hell don’t I have the answers?  The only thing that has been happening is that I am getting overwhelmed with info and my brain shuts down.  Some days I don’t even want to hear the words autism or Asperger’s.  Bad mommy moment I know, but damn, I can only process so much. I really have to remember that this is a marathon and not a race.


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