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Shamu is Nocturnal

Sometimes Diego seems like a perfectly neuro-typical  4.5 y/o….

well kind of….

but “typical ” enough to throw me into doubt mode

**Maybe I am being “hyper-vigilant”, maybe there isn’t anything going on, am I imagining all of this???**

Jeez can someone get a direct line into my brain and tell it to stop?!?!  Over the weekend and yesterday afternoon I was like this.  Then my Diego goes into Aspie overdrive and I am once again brought back to the reality of what things are.  Believe it or not I am thankful for this because the questioning can be paralyzing.

Diego had a fantastic weekend with his tia and his father (surprise,surprise).  He went to the zoo and to Sea World, no doubt he was in heaven ( I was laid up with the flu…blah).  So of course yesterday was filled with tales of Shamu,the dolphins and any other sea animal known to life.  My favorite from him last night was our discussion about Shamu. 

D: “Shamu is nocturnal.”

Nocturnal???   Are they learning this in school already??  I asked his teacher and she said that they have not discussed nocturnal animals.  So I guess he must have heard it at the zoo or in our reading somewhere.

Anyway…back to our convo

Me: “Are you sure D??  Shamu swims all day long.  Nocturnal means….”

D Interrupts: “I know what nocturnal is!!  He is awake at night like the bats and the owls.  I told you mommy.”

Me: “I’m not too sure about that  D, we will look it up when we get home. You know just to be sure we have the right information”

D: “Shamu is nocturnal, I told you.”

Alright so I figure I will call Rickey, he watches Animal Planet, he will know.  Why is this so important you ask??  I have no clue but now I need to know if Shamu(Orca whales) is indeed  nocturnal!  So I call Rickey, my bluetooth is attached to the car, so everyone in the car can hear the conversation, and I ask him.  He tells me Orca’s don’t sleep, so yeah sure they are nocturnal.


Me: “Yes papa, great job, Shamu is nocturnal”

I believe that one day Diego will in fact be much smarter than me and I will be useless to him…lol


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  1. I have a feeling that there may be a blog regarding finger puppets some day…..=)


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