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The Wild Animal Apartment

I will start this by saying I have no clue why no one can comment on the spaghetti blog….it’s weird..but it’s technology and nothing is perfect…I guess..

Today we went to the Wild Animal Park, kids are free in October and the only person that had been was L, so I decided we should go.  D’s current obsession is animals so I knew he would enjoy this trip :).  Last night I told D where we were going to go and he was obviously very excited, and in our home excited means I get the job of  explaining what we are going to do every 5 minutes.  If I deviate from the story D corrects me and I have to start all over again. I am used to this and it doesn’t bother me most days. 

Anyway I noticed D kept calling the Wild Animal Park, “The Wild Animal Apartment”. No matter how many times I corrected him and had him repeat it after me, The Wild Animal Park stayed The Wild Animal Apartment, even after our 4.5 hour visit today it was still The Wild Animal Apartment. 

So it is now named so. 

The Wild Animal Apartment was fantastic!

My friend Tasha came along with her nephew and daughter and the kids ran amuck, D was especially excited about seeing the rhinos and L and I LOVED the gorillas.  The Wild Animal Apartment also provided ample exercise and reminded me that I may need to work on my cardio.  Actually Tasha and I thought that we may die from exhaustion before our day ended. Who knew that there were so many hills??. 

I did take some pictures but getting D to actually let me take a picture let alone ask him to look at the camera is quite hard. 

Tomorrow is dedicated to getting the house together and writing my appeal letter to send to UBH. 

UBH is my mental health provider and of course they are denying the psychologist that D needs to seee stating that she isnt “in network” and that an “in network” psychologist can provide the same care. 

It really all boils down to money. 

So I spent an entire afternoon calling their “in network” psychologists only to find out what I already knew. None of them are qualified in treating the behaviors associated with Aspergers Syndrome. 

The psychologist D really needs to see ,only sees children on the Autism Spectrum, nothing else. 

So I documented the result of each phone call and will send this, a letter from the pysch we need to see, along with my own letter and pray they approve a single case agreement. 

If not I will take it up to the California Department of Managed Care and have them do an independent medical review, which will show that the psych and me are right and then they will court order UBH to cover it. 

I really wish I could just pay for the visits to get him started with her, but the copays from his current therapies are reaching over 200 dollars a month and there is no way I can afford 140 each visit for her.  

I will also be in court with D’s dad soon, his refusal to be on board for anything at all is hurting D and I need help with money.  I have tried to talk to him but he remains so hostile that it is impossible.  In the midst of all of this I am really trying  to remember that God has a plan and is carrying me through, but to be very honest this is all weighing on me…heavily.  It is a fight to keep it together most days.  But I will….

The Wild Animal Apartment

The Wild Animal Apartment

I will


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  1. I love you “chi-von”! 🙂 im glad you are writing about everything…..anything i can do, PLEASE let me know!xoxoox

  2. Do you wanna come to my casa to write ur letter??? I have a lot of work to do tomorrow.

    I love you shivmo. please tell what I can do to be as supportive as possible. Don’t hold backing from opening up and asking….please.


    • uuuuuuhhhhhhh…..that would be “don’t hold back” definitely not backing….=/

      • and since i can’t comment on the psghetti one i just want to say that i totally LOVE him and his literal mind too! no shivmo, you can’t see her.

        he challenges me in ways no one else will ever be able too; because they don’t have his wonderful mind =)

  3. I love the Wild Animal Apartment! And i love the fact that I can comment now LOL.

    It is unfortunate that often times we find ourselves in court for matters that you would assume would be a no brainer…but everything happens for a reason.

  4. You are an extraordinary woman and you will get through this. I’m glad you’re doing a blog about it, if for nothing else but to help yourself. I’m praying for the best for you and your family.


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